Opera 10.00 Beta 2 – Build 4479 – Linux – Opera Acid 3 Test

Mas um snapshot do Opera acabou de sair do forno.
Faz menos de uma hora e está realmente ficando muito bom.

Segue o changelog.

User Interface
Updated opera:* pages, error pages, fraud warning page, and info panel designs
Added icon to crash dialog
Work on consistent statusbar icons, particularly Turbo
Correct icons in the HTML compose context menu
Darker selection color to suit new panel background
Updating appearance of windows menu, adding hover and selected states
Corrected text color on hovered tabs
Reverting some of the changes to the skin
Update all thumbnails in toolbar that shows a Speed Dial when an entry in the speed dial is canceled.
Update each and every thumbmail that shows a Speed Dial when removing a page from the speed dial
Fixed Bug DSK-257221 (Added missing Turbo icon in dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-257242 (When pagebar tail is set to “text only”, the “Closed tabs and windows” button has no visual indication of hover)
Fixed Bug DSK-255286 (Missing strings for translation in Error Console window)
Fixed Bug DSK-256468 (Text does not fit completely in some dialogs when switching to Romanian)
Fixed Bug DSK-256472 (Speed Dial info and config background is not completely gray)
Fixed Bug DSK-253739 (Problems redrawing a tab thumbnail after canceling configuration dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-257863 (Speed Dial thumbs rendering changes on hover)
Fixed Bug DSK-258058 (Menu arrows not horizontally aligned in status bar)
Fixed Bug DSK-258162 (Address field appears useless after starting Opera with previous session)
Fixed Bug DSK-258338 (Keyboard focus not shown in dialogs)

Fixed Bug CORE-21759 (Large read-only textarea freezes Opera when focused)
Fixed Bug CORE-22148 (Applet POSTs even with 0 content-length (Wikipedia’s Cortado Java Theora player doesn’t work in Opera 10))
Fixed Bug CORE-22494 (NP_RemoveProperty not calling properly back to plug-in after delete)
Fixed Bug CORE-22548 (Posting links on someone’s wall at Facebook won’t load/post)
Fixed Bug DSK-188992 (Leading whitespace characters are stripped/collapsed)
Fixed Bug DSK-231216 (Opera crashes, likely after a page in the background refreshed itself)
Fixed Bug DSK-252431 (Scrolling repeated SVG background is slow)
Fixed Bug DSK-254982 (TinyMCE + Dragonfly crash)
Fixed Bug DSK-258304 (Search button doesn’t work when enabling and disabling Turbo)
Fixed Bug DSK-258331 (SVG background image disappears on hover)

Fixed Bug DSK-250756 (Signature doesn’t change when changing account)
Fixed Bug DSK-250881 (Redirect doesn’t work)

Opera Unite
Advanced Unite settings revamp: merging upload speed settings into one field, adding another heading for visibility settings, re-grouping
Fixed Bug CORE-21715 (Crash when enabling Unite)
Fixed Bug CORE-22019 (Crash when disabling Unite)
Fixed Bug CORE-22461 (Service visibility options aren’t stored persistently)
Fixed Bug DSK-187542 (Cannot use folder nickname as home page)
Fixed Bug DSK-254722 (Service installation fails after two dialogs about enabling Unite)
Fixed Bug DSK-256802 (Implement option to toggle ASD visibility)
Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257590 (Preinstalled services should be downloaded on demand)
Fixed Bug DSK-257883 (Service names in installation dialog no longer bold)
Fixed Bug DSK-257885 (Opera crashes when closing Unite dialogs in the wrong order)
Fixed Bug DSK-257914 (No default bandwidth limit in drop-down)
Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257931 (Add visibilty of Unite users on the local network)
Fixed Bug DSK-257990 (“Advanced settings” in unite service install dialog is not bold unless hovered)
Fixed Bug DSK-258059 (Enabling Unite without restart crashes Opera when disabled in opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableUnite)

Fixed some broken Unite paths
Fixed Bug DSK-252107 (File dialog crash)
Fixed Bug DSK-257697 (Make file name serialization work for ini files on Windows)
Fixed Bug DSK-258216 (Hiding the menu button menu with Alt when opened with a mouse click doesn’t work)

Crash logging should now work without having the OS pop up an administrator password prompt
Fixed Bug DSK-258242 (Menu button reappears after a restart on Mac)

Proper parsing of non-latin command line urls
Made some changes that will assist plugin detection on Gentoo Linux
Fixed Bug DSK-224537 (RPM file name does not conform to specification)
Fixed Bug DSK-257007 (Leak in unix plugin path dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-257358 (Instances keep reference to deleted wrappers – causing crashes)
Fixed Bug DSK-257888 (The folder /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ should be scanned for new plugins)
Fixed Bug DSK-257889 (/usr/lib64/opera/plugins and /usr/lib/opera/plugins should both be set for 64 bit Linux versions of Opera)

Para baixar entre no blog do desktop tem. http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2009/07/09/snapshot


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